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“ I experience the Daily Ritual as a moment of peace in my busy schedule. A moment just for me. I read my poem of the day with the peaceful music of the online guidance and drink my glass of PersonaliTea in ease. This is an Ultimate Joy-full moment of awareness. It gives me a lot of stuff to think about. Discovering who I am, where I stand, and what I love”. Franny van Daalen

" These 21 days changed my life. I forgot how important it is to make time for myself and to focus on me as MySelf. My tensionlevel, heartrate & stresslevel all came tumbling down. Even if I only did the ritual once a day! The poems touched me right in the heart and gave me softness, strenght, smiles & power. It made me clean up old habits & thoughts.

My body became less tense and I think I lost some weight. I started smoking less! My heart is more chill and more open to the moment. My soul came back to me thinking, feeling and focussing on me as a MySelf.

Overall I gain more self love and respect". Marieke Hoekstra  

"During the Detox Treatment I became more aware of myself. By living a busy life we must take more moments for our selves. Within these 21 days it makes you thinkng. And it Helps! Be good and take care of yourself.  It gave me more innerpeace and a healthier state of mind that I don't "need to" of " must do everything. Inspide of my busy existence.I think that I lost 30% of old bagage. The PersonaliTeas are very Pure and really Enriched me. It really gave me more peace in my daily life. I can accept myself better and made me aware to stop asking to much of me. I love to tell that I experienced it is a very positive experience"  Dedi Rouwenhorst.

"At first I was sceptic but I am happy to tell you that I am seeing things more clear now, and more important I feel trust in myself to be clear to myself and others. This Ritual became easily a habit, I loved it, opening the package and release the tea in the pot and filling my water bottle as the start of the day. I increased feeling more freedom, selflove and self respect. It helped me to get closer to myself, to open up more and more and to felt more clarity of what I love and need to be happy. Within this treatment I have the feeling of loosing 1,5 kilo of bagage. It really gave my tools to release and let go. I am satisfied and happy who I am and what I have to offer. I became more conscious that I need to make it happen in this life, I love it to be ful-filling! With every affirmation I notices something else and it made me more aware, stronger and more loving for myself". Marlene de Hoog